Net Neutrality is the notion that all content on the internet is equal in merit. Essentially, under Net Neutrality, an ISP (internet service provider) does not have the right to prioritize certain content above others, increasing the bandwidth for their desired content and slowing down access to anything else. ISPs must provide equal access to news sites and social media, corporate websites and independent domains, and video streaming and vendor websites like Amazon.  This should not seem revolutionary, because this is a country that claims to believe in equal rights and freedom of speech.

An example: if Comcast were to make a deal with Fox news, entailing that Comcast make access to other news sites slower than Fox, all internet users that are serviced by Comcast would effectively be forced to consume Fox’s content or suffer slower connection speeds, or be barred entirely from other news sites. This would serve the interests of Fox by ensuring that its messages are read by more and more people, while the viewpoints of opposing networks are broadcast less and less.

Net Neutrality is not a permanent state of the internet; it is a privilege we enjoy. This privilege can be taken away at any time, to serve the interests of ISPs and corporations with a stake in manipulating public opinion. Go to our “Current Attack” page for information on what is happening with net neutrality right now.

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